How to trim dog claws

Caring for your pet is not only based on proper nutrition and regular walks, but also on hygiene.

Claw trimming is an important element of care, because you not only make your dog’s life more comfortable, but also keep his paws healthy. In this article, we will tell you how to trim your dog’s claws correctly so that the procedure is successful and comfortable for your pet.

You can trim your dog’s nails at home, but we recommend at least for the first time to go to a grooming salon, which will show you how to do it correctly. Then you can easily repeat the process next time.

If you can’t go to a grooming salon, read our article where we’ll help you understand the intricacies of dog manicures.

Do dogs need to have their nails trimmed?

It seems like nature should take care of it and the nails should sharpen on their own. So why should you trim your dog’s nails? The health of the nails determines the health of the paws. Stance, balance and grip when running and walking can be compromised if the condition of the nails is neglected.

Overly long claws compromise stance, causing joints to deform, which can lead to pain over time.

As in humans, neglected claws are prone to ingrowth. Small wounds can become inflamed and cause constant discomfort to the pet. In winter, reagents and salt further aggravate the situation through the small wounds. Thus, long claws are unhealthy and wrong.

If your dog likes active play and you walk him often, the claws will sharpen themselves from frequent contact with hard surfaces, asphalt or tiles. The exception is the claw of the fifth toe, which does not reach the ground. Its condition should be monitored, even if the other claws are naturally shaped.

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