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Neue Kantstraße 4, 14057 Berlin

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Neue Kantstraße 4, 14057 Berlin

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ur Dog is loved and cared


From 83.00

Complete grooming package with
full body breed haircut + "Bath &


From 75.00

Bathing, combing, drying and full
body wash including claws, ears and
intimate hygiene. Does not include
full body, head and legs haircut


From 95.00

Trimming or Hand-Stripping pets with wire coats (e.g. Zwergschnauzers)


From 110.00

"HAIRCUT & BRUSH" complex with detailed de-shedding of the dog coat. We remove up to 90% of the shedding coat. This effect lasts for 2-3 months


From 12.00

Clipping of claws, hair clipping
on paws and moisturizing
of paws


From 18.00

Brushing teeth with toothpaste,
eliminating unpleasant odors and

Creative Grooming

From 25.00

For not usual grooming requests or usage of PET-SAFE products to add color and designs to a dog's coat

Every pet is different and we want them to enjoy the treatment. The final duration and price of the procedure is formed after the examination of the dog by the master, as all dogs are different and the condition of the pet's hair at the time of the start of the procedure has a direct impact on the speed and complexity of the work.

ur Cat is loved and cared

Only Brush

From 110.00

Fur combing, claws, ears and intimate hygiene care. Does not include washing or haircutting.

Cat Shine

From 118.00

Bathing, combing, drying and full body care including claws, ears and intimate hygiene. Includes full body haircut.

No Fur = New Me

From 115.00

Shearing cat's coat as short as possible without bathing. Also includes claws, ears and intimate hygiene care.

Prices vary slightly depending on the size of your pet. Exact prices can be found when booking an appointment online by selecting "book appointment" and choosing the right service.
Currently, due to the energy crisis, prices are temporarily increased for the winter period.

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ur pets after visiting our grooming

About us

Paws&Tails Family

Absolute professionalism

We are a team of experienced masters dedicated to the art of transforming your furry friend into a true beauty. Our professionalism is backed by years of work and training, allowing us to provide only the best for your pets

Individual approach in grooming

Our team of experienced groomers have an in-depth knowledge of the different breeds and the unique needs of each. We utilize advanced tools and products to care for your furry friend’s coat.

Paws&Tails groomers are not only technically virtuosic and have knowledge of canine science, but they are true animal lovers.

We understand that every pet is different, and therefore we pay special attention to everyone’s comfort and safety during the grooming process.

omers and their approach

Dog or Cat does not matter

Masters of our salon received their experience and knowledge in Ukraine and other European cities. We know how to find the right approach to both dogs and cats

From little ones to adults

Every little puppy or kitten will find their favorite groomer in our house thanks to the experience of our masters and knowledge of canine science

We are always happy to make our family bigger and give love to your new family member and help with questions about their growth

Our satisfied clients


Anna Veslova

I really liked the atmosphere of the team, usually its hard to find place for my big dog)) But these guys are very positive, I advise everyone and of course after Full Shine Time my Luna is really shining❤️

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Alanf Francheska

Absolutely awesome salon!!!
They are like family))
I hope this master will work there for a long time, well or while I'm in Berlin

read more

Clara Müller

Thank you!! My charlie smells like mint candy. We will definitely be back!

read more

Andrea Becker

I really liked the master, and the atmosphere in the salon. I wish everyone to love their work as much as Paws&Tails! Good luck to you !!

read more

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