At what age bring puppy to the grooming salon

Puppies should be groomed from a very early age. This is especially important for breeds that require long term grooming, such as the Shih Tzu.

For the first few weeks you should brush your puppy every day to get him used to obedience and regular grooming. As early as 3-4 months of age, you can bring the puppy to the salon. This way the puppy gets to know the groomer, gets used to the procedures and later on visiting the salon will not be a huge stress for him, but will be just a habitual event, maybe even pleasant.

For example, a four-month-old Yorkshire Terrier puppy can have its ears trimmed and cleaned, paw pads treated and claws trimmed. This inexpensive and uncomplicated procedure will help the puppy adapt to the groomer and prepare him for longer and more complex procedures.

A full haircut is not recommended for some breeds until 1 year of age. We are always happy to advise you during your first appointment with us what is better for your small friend.

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