Idea and Team

The idea and the new home

The idea for the salon came to us, two friends and animal lovers.
After researching existing salons in Berlin, we came to the conclusion that Berlin lacked a place where pets would not just come for a haircut, but would feel at home

Our team and family

We gathered a team of groomers from Ukraine, who have great experience and most importantly – love for animals, and were able to apply their skills in our family. We are constantly training and developing the skills and abilities of our masters and future team members

are open to you

Behind closed doors

We knew that it is important to everyone what happens to their pet behind closed doors, and that is why we have a rule of safety and openness in our salon, we are always happy to show your friend during the procedures, respecting the safety rules

Best place for happy tails

We are growing and want you to always feel comfortable coming back to us. We are always ready to listen to your feedback, wishes and ideas and implement them in the life of our salon

Let’s work together to create the perfect meeting place for your tail-wagging friends and our groomers?

r groomers



Iuliia is our devoted pet groomer who absolutely loves what she does! She’s not just a groomer; she’s a passionate artist dedicated to making your furry friends look and feel fabulous. Here’s a glimpse into her journey:

  • Iuliia embarked on her grooming adventure in Kyiv, completing grooming courses that equipped her with the skills needed to make pets look paw-sitively amazing
  • No matter the breed, Iuliia is up for the challenge. From the fluffiest to the tiniest, she treats each pet like a VIP (Very Important Paws)
  • Can work with both cats and dogs

Iuliia takes great pride in ensuring that your dog or cat looks and feels their best!



Nina’s journey into the world of grooming began in the days when she groomed her beloved poodle Mimi. It was through interacting with her furry companion that she discovered a passion for grooming that she carries with her to this day.

  • Able to work with tails of all sizes, especially adores big fluffy dogs
  • Loves to dry little dogs right in her arms, knows how to gently soothe even the most naughty baby
  • A pro at working with poodles as she knows exactly what they need, living under the same roof with her doggie Mimi

Don’t miss the opportunity to schedule an appointment with Nina and experience the outstanding results of her work, rooted in her deep connection with pets!



Arber, hailing from Kosovo, is not just a groomer, he’s a pet enthusiast with a soft spot for our larger furry friends. With a unique journey that began as a dog nanny, Arber has been surrounded by a plethora of pets since childhood.

  1. Arber, a former dog nanny, excels in grooming large breeds with care and expertise
  2. Trained in our Berlin salon, he stays current with the latest grooming trends
  3. Despite his growth, Arber’s heart remains with big breeds, ensuring a gentle touch for your furry pals

Whether you have a majestic Mastiff or a gentle giant like a Great Dane, Arber is your go-to groomer for a blend of expertise, passion, and a sprinkle of that unique Paws & Tails charm!

Our advantages

y people choose us?


We don't have any masters in our salon who don't love animals with all their heart


Our chief groomer has knowledge of cynology and always makes sure that the right approach to communicating with the animal is taken


We know the characteristics of all breeds and have a lot of experience with different types of care


If you have just got a pet and this will be their first grooming, we will find an approach. Our groomers have been working with some friends since they were small for several years


All tools, tables and other items are always thoroughly cleaned after each pet


The atmosphere of our home is one of comfort and care. We create the best conditions for our colleagues and friends

Our galley

ur pets after visiting our grooming

Our satisfied clients


Anna Veslova

Great day to share your impressions) I really liked the atmosphere of the team, usually its hard to find place for my big dog)) But these guys are very positive, I advise everyone and of course after Full Shine Time my Luna is really shining❤️

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Alanf Francheska

Absolutely awesome salon!!!
They are like family)
I hope this master will work there for a long time, well or while I'm in Berlin

read more

Clara Müller

Thank you!! My charlie smells like mint candy? We will definitely be back!

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Andrea Becker

I really liked the master, and the atmosphere in the salon. I wish everyone to love their work as much as Paws&Tails! Good luck to you !!

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