Should I groom my dog in winter?

With November just around the corner, the cold weather approaching, many dog owners are wondering if their dog needs a haircut in the winter. It’s a dilemma, especially for inexperienced owners. Both opponents of winter haircuts and supporters offer their arguments, but in the meantime, the most important thing is that the pet is healthy and comfortable.

Considering that people wear warm clothes in winter, many people think that the pet should also be insulated, especially if the dog is regularly trimmed.

However, this seemingly logical method does not always work. What nuances should be considered for dog haircuts in winter and how to ensure the comfort of the dog in freezing weather, we will tell you in our article.

If a pet boasts a long and thick coat, some owners will probably want to save the warm fur for winter and put off a visit to the grooming salon until spring. And they’d be wrong. Despite the winter and cold weather, dog haircuts are still necessary and here’s why:

Despite the owners‘ fears, the dog will not freeze after a haircut. Specialists control the optimal length for each season. Winter haircuts are long enough to keep the dog warm and comfortable.
If the coat is too long, snow can build up on it, which can be detrimental to health.
When there is bad weather outside, special attention should be paid to the paws. When the hair between the toes is neatly trimmed, hygiene is easier to maintain and irritating chemicals don’t linger on the paws.
There are times when a dog gets so much hair in the winter that it has to be trimmed very short in the spring, due to tangled hair that cannot be brushed. To avoid this stressful procedure, it’s best not to neglect grooming in the winter.
A winter haircut will allow your pet to be beautiful and well-groomed all year round. Winter is no excuse to be shaggy and out of hair.

Professional groomers can give your pet a haircut that is both beautiful and comfortable.

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