Terms & Conditions


The Rules define the norms of behavior and stay in the Salon when providing services in order to provide the necessary conditions for the most complete satisfaction of your needs and the safety of your animal. Compliance with these Rules is mandatory for both visitors (clients, pet owners) and masters (groomers). By registering your pet for our services, you agree to all the Rules for visiting the Salon.

These Rules are published on the website and are available for in person in the Salon.

Please note that the Salon is CCTV recorded. The video recording is the property of the Salon and is not available to clients, it can be used exclusively by the Salon management, at its discretion.

We set ourselves the task of not only making grooming a generally accepted, accessible and comfortable service, but also an absolutely safe service for animals. We count on your understanding.


The client should not abruptly and loudly enter the Salon, the master can injure the pet that is being provided services. Do not create a traumatic situation!

The salon has the right to refuse to provide services to persons who are in a state of intoxication (alcohol, drugs, etc.), and in any other inadequate state.

If you cannot come to the grooming at the designated time, please let us know as soon as possible.

– Large, fighting and other non-decorative breeds of dogs should be brought to the Salon in a muzzle.
– Cats must be brought in a carrier or you must bring your own carrier. Think about the safety of pets in the Salon! This is especially true for aggressive cats. Otherwise, the Salon reserves the right to refuse to provide services.
– During the provision of services for cats, the owner shall be waiting in the recreation / waiting area. (We do not prohibit the presence of dog owners during the provision of services, but dogs are more comfortable with procedures alone with the master.) The exceptions are elderly people, owners of „lost“, old/sick dogs or owners of puppies who come for grooming for the first time.

Visitors are not allowed to touch other people’s pets and take them in their arms, without the permission of their owners, for the general safety.

It is undesirable for visitors to distract the masters on issues of appointment scheduling and prices of provided services. The Administrator will be happy to answer these questions.

You should not ask for the personal contact details of the employees of the salon. Don’t compromise your master.

  • It is not recommended to come to grooming if:
  • The pet has not been vaccinated in a timely manner.
  • The pet is not treated for parasites.
  • The pet is already infected with parasites.

In this case, the Salon has the right to fine the owner, or refuse services. – The pet is sick or not feeling well (for example, with symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, cough, runny nose, fresh wounds, etc.). – It is also recommended to postpone the visit to the groomer if the pet is in period (female dogs).


  • To visit the Salon strictly at the appointed time, according to the preliminary appointment by phone or using the appointment on the website or social networks in the On-Line mode.
  • Take care of the property of the Salon (furniture, equipment, tools, plumbing, etc.) In case of damage to the property of the Salon, the visitor is obliged to compensate damage caused to the property of the salon.
  • Show respect in communication with the masters, behave correctly.
  • To show a friendly and polite attitude towards other visitors, not to commit actions that violate their rights.
  • With an urgent desire to be present in the salon during the provision of services, the client cannot: · Attract any attention, call his or someone else’s pet (for example, to take a picture, make a comment or praise).
  • Move around the Salon, exit or enter the grooming area without permission. Client should wait for the end of grooming.
  • Touch leashes or carriers, drip in bags, etc.
  • Approach the pet (if the master did not ask for help), pull hands or stand / sit nearby during the service. Distract the master (emotional conversations, harsh sounds, etc.

Representatives of the Paws and Tails UG salon have the right

In order to provide quality services in full, delay the appointment of the next client for 20-30 minutes,
because the time allocated for grooming cannot include the previous client being late for an appointment, neglect, individual approach, etc.

Ask the client to wait in the following cases:

  • The client came to the grooming earlier than the appointed time.
  • The master is forced to delay the grooming of the previous pet.
  • The client came to pick up the pet earlier than the time agreed with the master.

The master or other representative of the Salon has the right to be present at the provision of assistance to a pet injured by him or her in a veterinary clinic or to request invoices for veterinary care to reimburse the costs of treatment.

In case of violation by the client of these Rules, the master of the Salon has the right to:

  • Make a comment
  • Request to leave the premises
  • To produce audio and video fixation of the violation;
  • Call law enforcement agencies and present a video recording of a violation of the Rules.



  • Comply with these Rules.
  • Behave with the client respectfully and correctly
  • Be responsible for the life and health of the pet entrusted to him from the moment the client passes it from hand to hand to the master and until the moment the master hands the pet to the client.
  • Provide quality grooming services.
  • Treat the work table, bath with a special disinfectant solution for animals and sterilize the instrument in a sterilizer or use a spare kit

In cases of injury to the pet or deterioration of his health:

  • For minor trauma:
  • Provide the necessary assistance.
  • Let the client know what happened.

In case of a serious injury due to the fault of the master:

  • Provide the necessary assistance.
  • Let the client know what happened.
  • In agreement with the client, call an ambulance for veterinary care.
  • Reimburse the full cost of pet care.
  • The cost of the services rendered by the Salon is not charged to the client.

In case of deterioration of the physical condition of the animal during the grooming process due to hidden pathologies or diseases, the master has the right to seek help from a veterinarian without the consent and permission of the Owner. In this case, the client is obliged to pay for the services of a veterinarian, according to the invoices or receipts issued, as well as for the services already rendered.


  • Feed pets, with the exception of treats that the owner brings with him.
  • Give any medication. Therefore, owners of nervous pets are advised to give a sedative in advance.

Responsibility of the parties and the procedure for resolving conflicts

  • The master is responsible for the life and health of the pet entrusted to him from the moment the client passes it from hand to hand to the master until the master hands the pet to the client. ·
  • The master is responsible in case of serious injury to the pet due to the fault of the master.
  • The master is not responsible for the life and health of the cat if the owner refused to be present during the provision of the services.

The salon and the master are not responsible if:

  • The injury to the pet occurred due to the fault of the client, who did not comply with these Rules and by his behavior during the provision of the service, one way or another, provoked the injury.
  • At the insistence of the owner, the pet was provided with services that are undesirable for health reasons and / or age.
  • The performance of the service may lead to the provocation of hidden diseases or pathologies.